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Empowering People: Clarity SMART Guide

Book Description

The SMART way to learn about Empowering People in your organisation.

This Empowering People SMART Guide represents a new and innovative approach to learning on Safari Books Online. It is SMART for two reasons:

  1. It provides essential 'need to know' information on empowerment theory, models and techniques This is presented in a clear, concise, and easy to understand format, which allows you to maximise your learning time.

  2. Uniquely, it contains links to other recommended content on Safari Books Online and therefore forms the gateway for a more comprehensive understanding of how to empower people.

In addition to the standard PDF format, this SMART guide has been specially tailored in EPUB format to create the perfect learning experience on both tablet PCs and mobile devices.

This SMART guide can be used for:

  • Individual learning or training

  • As a training tool for workshops or training events

  • To support a coaching or mentoring session

  • To help prepare for a lecture, seminar or course work/assignments