10 Five Unconventional Life Lessons for Anyone in Engineering

Erin Gutsche

Words with Purpose, Inc, Alberta, Canada

DOI: 10.1201/9781003336495-12


  1. 10.1 A Bit about Me
  2. 10.2 My Background
  3. 10.3 Engineers Do What?
  4. 10.4 Lesson 1: Be Yourself, Unapologetically
  5. 10.5 Lesson 2: Ask for Help
  6. 10.6 Lesson 3: Forget the Word “Should”
  7. 10.7 Lesson 4: Be Open to Possibilities
  8. 10.8 Lesson 5: Practicing Self-Care Is Not Selfish
  9. 10.9 Summary
  10. About the Author

“What is possible and what is not is not your business. Nature will decide this. Your business is just to work for what truly matters to you.”—Sadhguru. I love this quote. It inspires me to dream big, and it reminds me to stay open to whatever happy surprises the universe has to offer. Too often, ...

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