142 Enabling Smarter Government with Analytics to Streamline Social Services
A key requirement for implementing the SVoC ABB is the ability to access,
collect, and aggregate information from multiple systems that contain party
information, and to keep all of the data available up-to-date. Information
Integration Services facilitate the integration of data and consist of services that
support information integrity, ETL, and Enterprise Information Integration (EII)
services. Cleansing and standardization services can be consumed to cleanse
and standardize data as part of an online transaction or to support the matching
of data from multiple data sources to effectively aggregate data. EII services
provide the ability to submit a query to access both structured and unstructured
data across heterogeneous systems and return the aggregated result set.
The following subsections provide further details about the SVoC ABB Services.
Master data management services
Master data management (MDM) services provide a set of business and
information services that manage an authoritative source of master data with the
ability to add and capture changes to master data, aggregating and linking
electronic records consisting of structured and unstructured data for that party.
MDM services leverage Information Integration Services to enforce consistent
data cleansing, data validation, and standardization logic to maintain high-quality
master data within the SVoC ABB. These are typical MDM services:
򐂰 Lifecycle management services manage the life cycle of master data, provide
CRUD (create, read, update and delete) support for master data, and can
apply business logic based on the context of that data. MDM services are
usually invoked by a business system or as part of an enterprise business
process that includes interactions with one or more business systems and
users. These services can also support the enrichment of master data by
maintaining data received from external data sources, customer privacy
preferences, and cross-channel interaction history that provides additional
knowledge about a master data entity.
򐂰 Security and privacy services are services available to implement policies for
role-based access to MDM services and data. Authorization services
implement both user-level and group-level access controls to authorize
access to MDM services and master data information. This implies that
inbound requests for MDM services should contain both a user name and a
role of that user or identify a proxy service that requests MDM services on
behalf of users. Data-level entitlements control access privileges to master
data records and data attributes.

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