NNRC: Throughput and Fairness Guarantees


9.1 Overview

9.2 Necessity for Throughput Control

9.3 Problem Definition

9.4 Throughput Control Design

9.4.1 Guaranteeing Specific Bounds on the Number of Channels

9.4.2 Reducing Channels in Congestion

9.5 Illustrative Example

9.5.1 Implementation Details

9.5.2 Normal Scenario

9.5.3 Congestion Avoidance Scenario

9.5.4 Throughput Improvement

9.6 Concluding Comments

9.1 Overview

This chapter focuses on the design of the throughput control module of the NNRC framework. Initially the necessity of its presence is analyzed and its relationship to fairness in computer networks is clarified. Robustness against modeling imperfections, exogenous disturbances (UDP traffic) and delays (propagation ...

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