Chapter 13. WAN Aggregator QoS Design

This chapter discusses WAN QoS considerations and designs, including the following:

  • Slow-speed (≤ 768 kbps) WAN link design

  • Medium-speed (768 kbps to T1/E1 speed) WAN link design

  • High-speed (> T1/E1 speed) WAN link design

Additionally, these designs are applied to specific Layer 2 WAN media, including the following:

  • Leased lines

  • Frame Relay

  • ATM

  • ATM-to-Frame Relay Service Interworking

  • ISDN

A fundamental principle of economics states that the more scarce a resource is the more efficiently it should be managed. In an enterprise network infrastructure, bandwidth is the prime resource and also is the scarcest (and, likewise, most expensive) over the WAN. Therefore, the case for efficient bandwidth optimization using QoS ...

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