Part II. QoS Toolset

Part II of this book provides context for the design chapters that follow by presenting a brief overview of Cisco QoS tools. Particular emphasis is placed on tool-specific idiosyncrasies and tool-interaction caveats (many of which are not included in IOS documentation). A basic understanding and familiarity of these QoS tools is assumed.

The chapters in this part of the book are as follows:

Chapter 3 Classification and Marking Tools

Chapter 4 Policing and Shaping Tools

Chapter 5 Congestion-Management Tools

Chapter 6 Congestion-Avoidance Tools

Chapter 7 Link-Specific Tools

Chapter 8 Bandwidth Reservation

Chapter 9 Call Admission Control (CAC)

Chapter 10 Catalyst QoS Tools

Chapter 11 WLAN QoS Tools

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