Appendix A

Abbreviations, Symbols, and Units

A area m2
A (unit) amperes
B magnetic field intensity weber/m2
Bcm nonflow availability J
Bcv flow availability J
Btu (unit) British thermal unit
bbl (unit) oil barrel
C capacitance F
C contrast dimensionless
C thermal conductance W/K
Cap rated capacity ton
Ccf (unit) 100 ft3
CDD (unit) cooling degree days
CF coincidence factor dimensionless
CFM (unit) cubic ft/min
CL connected load W
COP coefficient of performance dimensionless
CRF capital recovery factor dimensionless
CRI color rendering index dimensionless
CUSUM cumulative sum (chart) acronym
Ct current transformer ratio dimensionless
cal (unit) calorie
cd (unit) candela
cm (unit) centimeter
cp specific heat J/kg·K ...

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