Energy Positive Neighborhoods and Smart Energy Districts

Book description

Energy Positive Neighborhoods and Smart Energy Districts: Methods, Tools, and Experiences from the Field is a comprehensive guide to this highly interdisciplinary topic. Monti et. al’s combined experience make them the most qualified team of editors to explore the processes and tools involved in creating Energy Positive Neighborhoods and Smart Energy Districts in an urban setting. Tools include:

  • A complete simulation library to quickly support the implementation of a model of the scenario
  • A set of possible approaches to neighborhood energy optimization
  • An open, extensible information model for neighbourhood asset description

The structure of this book offers different reading paths to appeal to the very varied audience it addresses. It describes the process of adaption and the challenges faced by the decision makers, and also how simulation, optimisation, ICT approaches and business models are combined in a holistic and pragmatic way. It also offers possible business models and a means to quantify them to complete the development process. This book is suitable for students on muti-disciplinary energy engineering courses, energy practitioners, ICT vendors aiming to develop new services to target the building industry, and decision makers aiming to structure an urban renovation program.

  • Delivers a significant amount of exclusive knowledge on the topics of energy positive neighborhoods and smart energy districts
  • Allows readers to grasp the complexity of this interdisciplinary topic by providing access to well-structured processes and tools
  • Includes real life examples of the transformation of two demonstration sites that illustrate the concepts discussed to add context and value to their implementation

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. List of Contributors
  6. About the Editors
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgment
  9. Chapter One: Introduction
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Introduction
    3. 2. Background of the Book
    4. 3. Structure of the Book
  10. Chapter Two: Energy Positivity and Flexibility in Districts
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Introduction
    3. 2. Economic Value of an EPN
    4. 3. Alternative Objectives/Criteria
    5. 4. Multicriteria Analysis
    6. 5. Conclusions
  11. Chapter Three: Description of the Process Needed To Achieve EPN Roadmap
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. SUDA Improvement Methodology Overview
    3. 2. SUDA Process for Energy Positive Neighborhoods
    4. 3. Examples of Neighborhood Adaptations in COOPERaTE
    5. 4. Summary and Recommendations
  12. Chapter Four: Simulation Tools and Optimization Algorithms for Efficient Energy Management in Neighborhoods
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Introduction
    3. 2. Preliminaries
    4. 3. Simulation Models for Energy Positive Neighborhoods
    5. 4. Neighborhood Energy Optimization Algorithms
    6. 5. Summary
    7. Acknowledgments
  13. Chapter Five: Information and Communication Technology for EPN
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Introduction
    3. 2. Standards and Technologies of Interest
    4. 3. The COOPERaTE Approach
    5. 4. A NIM Enabled System-of-Systems
    6. 5. Example Neighborhood Services
    7. 6. Conclusions
    8. Acknowledgments
  14. Chapter Six: Business Cases
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Introduction
    3. 2. Business Case Assessment Process
    4. 3. Networked Interactions
    5. 4. Case Studies
    6. 5. Conclusions
    7. Abbreviations
  15. Chapter Seven: Real Life Experience—Demonstration Sites
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Site Description
    3. 2. Energy Use Cases
    4. 3. Evaluation Methodology
    5. 4. KPI Evaluation and Assessment
    6. 5. User Awareness
    7. 6. Going Further
    8. 7. Conclusions
  16. Chapter Eight: Barriers, Challenges, and Recommendations Related to Development of Energy Positive Neighborhoods and Smart Energy Districts
    1. Abstract
    2. 1. Introduction
    3. 2. General Barriers to Smart, Demand-Side Interventions
    4. 3. Specific Challenges for the EPN Concept
    5. 4. Recommendations
  17. Index

Product information

  • Title: Energy Positive Neighborhoods and Smart Energy Districts
  • Author(s): Antonello Monti, Dirk Pesch, Keith Ellis, Perluigi Mancarella
  • Release date: September 2016
  • Publisher(s): Academic Press
  • ISBN: 9780128103982