Chapter 9

The New Media University 601

Mobile Marketing and Video Broadcasting

Higher education inspires us to strive for the insights that yield intelligence and personal significance. And here we are learning and sharing together—not about what we think we know, but mining for knowledge we don't yet possess. It's this ambition that broadens the gap between you, your goals, and everyone else. This is your time.

Let's now draw the curtains to reveal the windows into geo location and mobile networking, widgets and applications, and the immensely gripping and popular video broadcast networks.


One of the lesser-known, more interesting facts about Twitter is also one of its most legendary. Even though Twitter debuted in March 2006, it took one year and an onslaught of South by Southwest (SXSW) geeks convening in Austin, Texas, and the transient activity that would ultimately bring Twitter into the social media spotlight where it would stay for years later. For those who are unfamiliar with SXSW, it is an annual landmark event that combines music, film, and interactives to celebrate the artistry of the people who are engendering innovation and engaging communities in the real world.

During SXSW 2007, Twitter became the glue that connected everyone together during the pandemonium associated with the conference, which is attended by thousands of geeks from all over the world. Tweets flew back and forth, with attendees alerting friends and followers ...

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