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Engaging First-Year Students in Meaningful Library Research

Book Description

Aimed at teaching professionals working with first-year students at institutions of higher learning, this book provides practical advice and specific strategies for integrating contemporary information literacy competencies into courses intended for novice researchers. The book has two main goals - to discuss the necessity and value of incorporating information literacy into first-year curricula; and to provide a variety of practical, targeted strategies for doing so. The author will introduce and encourage teaching that follows a process-driven, constructivist framework as a way of engaging first-year students in library work that is interesting, meaningful and disciplinarily relevant.

  • Provides helpful advice and guidance for seamlessly integrating library research competencies into first-year courses
  • Offers practical models and real life examples of successful student-centered, course-based library research assignments
  • Is written by an academic librarian with nearly 20 years of experience in the field