active learning, 67
actual research, 72–3
Ad* Access, 46–7
Adam Matthew Digital Collections, 8, 47
AdViews, 46–7
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 50
Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, 50
excerpt from Library News, 117
lesson plans, 111–16
potential survey questions, 119–20
sample letters, 107–10
archival appraisal, 4
Archival Finding Aids Project, 56–7
archival instruction, 42
archival records, 4–5, 40–1
archival resources
diverse materials found in archival founds, 36
introducing students to library and, 31–42
title page for the New Testament of the 1599 edition of the Geneva Bible, 38
archive, 1–10
an individual working at a secluded desk among pile of books and records, 2
defining archival records and processing, 4–6

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