Questions and Answers

Why use the word Standards?

Because it is easier to say and because these writings include policy, procedure, forms, form instructions, flow diagrams and practices.

I’m in the process manufacturing business, not product manufacturing, will these standards help me?

Only partially and will require more editing.

How can they be “best practices” for all product manufacturers?

Each product manufacturing company will have different conditions regarding; current standards, practices, organization, attitude toward configuration management and their software applications. The standards will require editing in regards to those conditions. The standards, however, are based upon the authors work experience (5 companies), consulting experience (over 75 companies), seminar interaction (over 4,000 people from hundreds of companies), and three best-selling books in the field. That experience tells the author that the basics of CM do not change — unlike our product designs.

How can they satisfy the requirements of all commercial, military and international standards?

Allow this author to quote from one customer’s letter: “_______ would like to thank you for some of the best wisdom regarding configuration management. We were recently awarded several quality awards and received our IS9001 and AS9100 certification last month. A majority of our audit revolved a great deal around design and development control. We received 100% scores in these areas resulting from techniques ...

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