1981: Kansas City Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse 59
his engineering seal. Gillum was also found guilty of unprofessional conduct
in his lack of responsibility for all structural design aspects of the project.
Further, he was found guilty of misconduct for his project engineer designee,
Duncan, and for failure to review the atrium design. GCE International was
found guilty of gross negligence, misconduct, and unprofessional conduct.
As disciplinary actions, Duncan and Gillum lost their licenses to practice
engineering in the state of Missouri, while GCE had its certificate of authority
as an engineering firm revoked (Administrative Hearing Commission, 1985).
The Kansas City Building Code of 1978 could not be obtained from public
It was the typical practice of GCE during shop and erection drawing
review to have a technician check all the sizes and materials of structural
members for conformance to design drawings, and to have the project
engineer check engineering aspects of the drawings, including design work
on connections where necessary. When technician Ed Jantosik conducted
his portion of the review, he questioned project engineer Duncan about
the strength of the rods called out on the shop drawings and the change
from one rod to two. Duncan stated to Jantosik that the change to two
rods was “basically the same as the one rod concept.
It should be noted that if Gregory Luth had been instructed to inspect
all of the atrium, and not just its roof, Luth would have discovered flaws in
the design of the second- and fourth-floor walkways (Administrative
Hearing Commission, 1985).
Administrative Hearing Commission, State of Missouri, Missouri Board for Architects,
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Ch04-P088531.qxd 2/22/06 11:45 AM Page 59

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