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1. Is a supervisor responsible for his direct report’s work?
2. What is the threshold for naming someone who works on a project as a
co-author? Is a co-author responsible for the main author’s work?
3. If Schon’s fraudulent papers had all been submitted for publication
after 2003, could he be prosecuted under the new Sarbanes-Oxley Act
(see Chapter 2)?
4. Read the following opinion article describing the peer review
process, which was written by veteran researcher Howard Birnbaum:
http://www.physicstoday.org/vol-55/iss-3/p49.html. It is titled A Personal
Reflection on University Research Funding. How can the fairness of
peer review funding be ensured?
5. Manuscript reviewers may be biased toward prestigious groups and
accepted ideas. One suggested reform to minimize bias is blind review;
that is, removing the authors’ names from articles sent to reviewers.
Another suggested reform is open review; that is, reviewer identification
in reviews seen by the authors. What are the pros and cons of blind
review and open review?
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