200 Engineering Ethics: An Industrial Perspective
I conduct research for another device company. But I’m getting tired
about always hearing about stock price. Eventually, I need to move out of
public companies.
Ethics Dilemma Scorecard
Public Safety & Welfare
Data Integrity & Representation
Trade Secrets & Industrial Espionage
Gift Giving & Bribery
Principle of Informed Consent
Conflict of Interest
Accountability to Clients & Customers
Fair Treatment
I worked in industry for several years, and started teaching part time.
I enjoyed teaching so much that I eventually became a full-time instructor.
But because I have an MS, but not a PhD, I am not allowed to obtain a
tenure position.
Tenure makes a lot of difference, in terms of pay. Even though I teach
the same number of classes, same level of classes (juniors and seniors), and
put three times as much time into my duties (besides teaching, serving on
the Academic Senate and being the faculty advisor for two student organi-
zations) as a fellow professor in the same department, he makes 175%
more than I do. Admittedly, I put in all this time because I love working
with my students.
Another problem with the tenure system is that tenured professors
are “untouchable” and can’t be fired. One tenured professor in my
department receives poor evaluations from his students for his teaching
and sends mass e-mails out that irritate much of the faculty, yet he is
never disciplined. Another tenured professor in my department is known
to be a bad lecturer, but received high student evaluations a few years
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