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Engineering the Complex SOC: Fast, Flexible Design with Configurable Processors

Book Description

Engineering the Complex SOC

The first unified hardware/software guide to processor-centric SOC design

Processor-centric approaches enable SOC designers to complete far larger projects in far less time. Engineering the Complex SOCis a comprehensive, example-driven guide to creating designs with configurable, extensible processors. Drawing upon Tensilica’s Xtensa architecture and TIE language, Dr. Chris Rowen systematically illuminates the issues, opportunities, and challenges of processor-centric design.

Rowen introduces a radically new design methodology, then covers its essential techniques: processor configuration, extension, hardware/software co-generation, multiple processor partitioning/communication, and more. Coverage includes:

  • Why extensible processors are necessary: shortcomings of current design methods

  • Comparing extensible processors to traditional processors and hardwired logic

  • Extensible processor architecture and mechanisms of processor extensibility

  • Latency, throughput, coordination of parallel functions, hardware interconnect options, management of design complexity, and other issues

  • Multiple-processor SOC architecture for embedded systems

  • Task design from the viewpoints of software andhardware developers

  • Advanced techniques: implementing complex state machines, task-to-task synchronization, power optimization, and more

  • Toward a “sea of processors”: Long-term trends in SOC design and semiconductor technology

  • For all architects, hardware engineers, software designers, and SOC program managers involved with complex SOC design; and for all managers investing in SOC designs, platforms, processors, or expertise.

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