Chapter 8. Other possibilities of integration 185
8.5 Integration using Java
The final, but one of the most worthwhile integration capabilities of IM Scoring
right into any Web-enabled end-user business application is the use of Java
Beans technology. This section explains the IM Scoring Java Bean concept
through a business case that we present in Chapter 4, Customer profiling
example on page 51.
8.5.1 Online scoring with IM Scoring Java Beans
IM Scoring Java Beans can be used to score single or multiple data records
using a specified mining model. IM Scoring Java Beans are designed to be used
for applications where the online scoring of data records is the main task.
IM Scoring Java Beans enable you to score a single data record in any Java
application given a PMML model. This can be used to integrate scoring in
e-business applications, for example for real-time scoring in CRM systems.
Basically, the IM Scoring Java Beans are a good way to integrate scoring into any
Web application. The Java Beans implementation of IM Scoring is set up with the
idea to have:
򐂰 Fast deployment
򐂰 Ease of use using a Java programming environment
򐂰 Scoring available to any Web-based application
The functions of IM Scoring Java Beans are implemented as methods of the
Note that the Java API is documented in online documentation (Javadoc) in the
directory (to the IM Scoring program files) \doc \ScoringBean \index.html.
Javadoc is shown in Figure 8-15.
186 Enhance Your Business Applications: Simple Integration of Advanced Data Mining Functions
Figure 8-15 IM Scoring Java Beans: JavaDoc on class RecordScorer
Chapter 8. Other possibilities of integration 187
8.5.2 Typical business issues
A possible application area of IM Scoring Java Beans in CRM systems may be
the realization of an Internet-based call center scenario. In this scenario, the
required business logic, the scoring functions, runs on a Web or application
server. Clients can connect to the server and send to it a data record that was
specified by a call-center operator by means of a user interface on the client. The
data record is scored on the server. Then the result is passed back to the client in
real time.
Figure 8-16 shows a simplified design of how such a scenario can be realized
using IM Scoring Java Beans. Here, IM Scoring Java Beans are integrated into a
Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) implementation using, for example, servlets or
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB).
Figure 8-16 Architecture sample to realize a call-center scenario
Note: For optimum performance throughput, you may decide to run each
mining model in a separate process. In this case, you would pass only the new
records to the appropriate scoring process. This results in a considerable
performance improvement. The reason for the improvement is that the
model-loading step, which is very time-consuming, is done only once.

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