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Enhydra XMLC™ Java™ Presentation Development

Book Description

Enhydra XMLC Java Presentation Development is written for computer professionals, with a special focus on application architects, Java Web application developers, and those who are just ramping up on Java and are excited about immersing themselves into Web application development.

Taking a task view wherever possible, this book is written to support those seeking a more elegant, maintainable, and flexible mechanism for building Web application presentations. While we spend some time introducing the Enhydra application server for those who are new to the topic of application server development, this book is focused primarily on the topic of Enhydra XMLC and how to use it to improve the lifecycle requirements of your Web application.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Tell Us What You Think!
  5. Introduction
  6. Enhydra and XMLC
    1. A Taste of Enhydra XMLC
    2. Modern Three-Tier Application Design
    3. A Fortuitous Decision: Going with XML (Eventually)
    4. Enhydra Java/XML Application Server
    5. Enhydra.org, the Open Source Project
    6. Open Source Delivers Wireless
    7. Summary
  7. XMLC Development
    1. Taking Control from HTML
    2. Development Flow with XMLC
    3. The Document Object Model
    4. Resuming xmlc and the Development Phase
    5. Loosely Coupled Development
    6. XMLC for Servlet Programming
    7. Internationalization
    8. Device Independence in an XML World
    9. XMLC Benefits
    10. Summary
  8. Presentation Technologies
    1. Publishing Frameworks for Adapting to the Future
    2. Model-View-Controller
    3. Servlet Presentation Programming
    4. JavaServer Pages
    5. Cascading Stylesheets
    6. XSLT
    7. Cocoon
    8. Final Comparative Discussion
    9. Templates, MVC, and XMLC
    10. Summary
  9. The ShowFloor ASP Application
    1. Building a Device-Independent Application
    2. The ShowFloor Application
    3. Essential UML
    4. Modeling the ShowFloor Application
    5. Summary
  10. Enhydra, Java/XML Application Server
    1. Enhydra and J2EE
    2. Enhydra Application Framework Genesis
    3. The Package Tour
    4. Development, Runtime, and Deployment
    5. Enhydra Multiserver
    6. Building and Running ShowFloor
    7. Enhydra Multiserver
    8. Configuration Files
    9. Administration Console
    10. Enhydra Director
    11. The Enhydra Application Framework
    12. Enhydra Services and the EAF Runtime
    13. Enhydra DODS
    14. Debugging an Enhydra Application
    15. Deploying Enhydra Applications
    16. Summary
  11. XMLC Basics
    1. HTML in an XML World
    2. Selected XML Basics
    3. Selected HTML Basics
    4. Selected DOM Topics
    5. XMLC Features and Functions
    6. Working with Templates
    7. How XMLC Constructs a DOM Class
    8. Enhancing Performance with LazyDOM
    9. Summary
  12. The xmlc Command
    1. Syntax and Formats
    2. The options.xmlc Format
    3. xmlc Command Options
    4. Some Runtime Options
    5. Auto-Recompilation and Auto-Class Loading
    6. Server-Side Includes
    7. XMLC Metadata
    8. Building with Enhydra make Files
    9. Summary
  13. HTML Presentations
    1. Leveraging HTML DOM Implementation
    2. Preparing for Examples
    3. Common DOM Operations
    4. Cloning and Templates
    5. Different Strokes
    6. Building Tables
    7. Working with Stylesheets
    8. Working with Forms and Controls
    9. Working with JavaScript
    10. Generating Output
    11. XHTML
    12. Summary
  14. Presentation Strategies
    1. A Presentation Architecture
    2. Assembling Composite Views
    3. Interface-Implementations for ASPs and Skins
    4. Internationalization
    5. Integrating Data Binding with XMLC
    6. Summary
  15. Servlet Web Applications
    1. Servlets and Web Applications
    2. Portable Enhydra XMLC
    3. Building Web Application Servlets with Enhydra 3
    4. Constructing the VendorCategory XMLC Servlet
    5. Deploying XMLC WARs on Lutris EAS 4
    6. Ant, the Java/XML Alternative to make
    7. Deploying an XMLC WAR on BEA WebLogic
    8. Summary
  16. Wireless Markup Presentations
    1. Wireless Domains
    2. Perusing the WML Language
    3. The WML Development Environment, Kinks and All
    4. WML Template Generation with xmlc
    5. Device Detection
    6. The mySFA Vendor Notes Application
    7. VoiceXML
    8. Summary
  17. Client-Server Development with J2ME and Flash
    1. Java 2 Micro Edition
    2. XML for J2ME Client/Server Communication
    3. Enhydra kXML
    4. The ShowFloor Admin Application
    5. Building a J2ME Application
    6. Flash
    7. Dynamic Graphics with SVG and XMLC
    8. Summary
  18. Barracuda Presentation Framework
    1. XMLC: Where the Value Is
    2. A Presentation Framework for XMLC
    3. A Collection of Capabilities
    4. Example: VendorSpotlight
    5. Directives
    6. Localization
    7. Summary
  19. XMLC Command Line Options
    1. xmlc Command Options
  20. XMLC Metadata
    1. <compileOptions/> Elements
    2. <inputDocument> Elements
    3. <parser> Elements
    4. <html> Elements
    5. DOM Editing Elements
    6. <documentClass> Elements
    7. <javaCompiler> Elements
  21. The XMLObjectImpl Class
    1. Methods
  22. The Base Presentation Object
    1. The Base Presentation Object
  23. References
  24. Index