Enterprise Automation with Python

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Accomplish administrative task like network automation, automating databases, user and process management and automating instances with AWS on cloud infrastructure.

About This Video

  • Make the most of Python modules to automate your infrastructure.
  • Leverage Python programming to automate server configuration and administration tasks.
  • Efficiently develop your python skill set making it an alternate automation tool.

In Detail

In the coming years, Python programming has developed massively in terms of automation. Enterprise automation with Python will teach you how simple python programming can make your life easier by automating your infrastructure.

This course will start by introducing the modules and the tools we will be using and how to set up a python environment to perform automation tasks and to deal with file editors and IDE like Pycharm. The course will cover network automation tasks and administration tasks with Python Fabric to automate the execution of web server with simple python programs. Moving ahead, you will learn to create database servers with python and backup them. Also, you will be creating users on multiple servers to manage users and then check the health of the Enterprise and then you will be performing automation tasks on the cloud infrastructure with python. The course will make the most of Python libraries and modules to automate your infrastructure. Leverage Python programming to automate server configuration and administration tasks.

By the end of the course, you will be able to efficiently develop your python skills making it an alternate automation tool from the major automation frameworks.The use cases in this course will help you to track the processes with high utilization on all servers and create web server via python code. So, now need not depend on Network Automation Tools like a puppet, Ansible, and chef and grab this course to make your daily work easy with automation and python modules which will help you to deliver the service more faster than before.

The code bundle for this video course is available at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Enterprise-Automation-with-Python-

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to the Tools Used for Enterprise Automation
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:58
    2. The Need for the Automation in the Enterprise 00:05:12
    3. A Quick View about the Topology and Prerequisites 00:05:42
    4. Installing Python 3 00:02:30
    5. Configuring Virtual Environments and Its Wrapper 00:06:22
  2. Chapter 2 : Network Automation Tasks
    1. Installation of Netmiko Python Module 00:03:27
    2. Configuring Multiple Cisco Devices via Netmiko 00:05:08
    3. Gathering Information from Cisco Devices 00:04:30
  3. Chapter 3 : Administration Tasks with Python Fabric
    1. Installation of Paramiko Module with Initial Examples 00:04:18
    2. Installation of Fabric Module 00:04:02
    3. Practical Examples Using Fabric Main Functions 00:04:57
    4. Jinja Template Engine 00:03:27
  4. Chapter 4 : Database Management
    1. Installation of PyMySQL Python Module 00:02:40
    2. Creating Database and Tables Using PyMySQL 00:04:45
    3. Admin Utilities to Insert, Delete, and Alter 00:06:19
    4. Admin Utilities to Export and User Management 00:05:44
  5. Chapter 5 : User Management
    1. Creating Users Using Python 00:03:49
    2. Modify User Information 00:04:24
    3. Python Program to Add Users from CSV File 00:04:54
  6. Chapter 6 : Process Management
    1. Installation of psutil Python Module 00:03:05
    2. Python Program to Check the Free Disk Space 00:03:39
    3. Python Program to Check High CPU Process 00:05:50
    4. Python Program to Diagnose Network 00:04:29
  7. Chapter 7 : Cloud Infrastructure — AWS
    1. Installation of Boto Module 00:03:56
    2. Setting Up Authentication Credentials from Amazon 00:02:30
    3. Creating an EC2 Instance Using Boto3 00:05:57
    4. Creating and Using Amazon S3 Buckets 00:05:20

Product information

  • Title: Enterprise Automation with Python
  • Author(s): Tomasz Lelek
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788470247