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Enterprise Identity Management with Microsoft Forefront Identity Management

Video Description

Implement a complete Identity Management solution using Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 SP1

About This Video

  • Successfully install FIM 2010 R2 SP1 on Windows Server 2012

  • Set up your very own complete FIM solution including self-service

  • Implement self-service enrolment of Smart Cards using FIM

  • In Detail

    Forefront Identity Manager is an Identity Management system, that helps you manage digital identities, enable restricted access permissions, provide self-service features, implement a complete IdM solution, and synchronize information between typical systems illustrated by an HR system and Active Directory.

    In this video tutorial, we will follow a fictive company called “The Company”, as it implements a complete Identity Management solution, helping you to understand the implementation of an IdM solution based on FIM 2010 R2. We will go the whole nine yards, from installing FIM 2010 R2 to implementing synchronization, workflows, and self-service features.

    Using FIM 2010 R2, The Company will help guide your efforts to modernize your Identity Management solution by showing you how to implement both automation and self-service functionality.

    Using the HR system as a master system for users, The Company will be able to automate account management in their Active Directory. Adding self-service will help people help themselves by enabling them to be productive again, for example, if users forget their password or want to join groups without the need to call the helpdesk.

    This video course will open your mind to the possibilities of FIM 2010 R2.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Installing FIM 2010 R2 on Windows Server 2012
      1. Installing SharePoint Foundation 2013 on Windows Server 2012 00:04:44
      2. Configuring Service Accounts for FIM 2010 R2 00:03:22
      3. Configuring SQL Aliases for FIM 2010 R2 00:03:22
      4. Installing FIM 2010 R2 Synchronization Service 00:03:49
      5. Installing FIM 2010 R2 Service and Portal 00:05:36
    2. Chapter 2 : Basic Configuration of FIM Synchronization and FIM Service
      1. Configuring the FIM Service Management Agent 00:03:05
      2. Setting Up the Active Directory Management Agent 00:03:27
      3. Configuring Run Profiles and Schedules 00:04:42
      4. Schema Management in FIM 2010 R2 00:06:25
      5. Importing Existing Users from Active Directory 00:03:35
    3. Chapter 3 : User Management
      1. Importing Users from HR 00:05:48
      2. Provisioning Users to Active Directory 00:05:36
      3. Managing the userAccountControl Attribute in AD 00:07:17
      4. Exchange Management Using Built-in FIM Functionality 00:05:35
      5. Deleting Users in Active Directory 00:04:06
    4. Chpater 4 : Group Management
      1. Understanding Group Types and Scopes 00:03:36
      2. Importing Groups from HR 00:04:33
      3. Provisioning Groups to Active Directory 00:04:52
      4. Using FIM Portal to Manage Groups 00:03:12
      5. Managing Distribution Lists Using the Outlook Add-in 00:03:24
    5. Chapter 5 : Configuring FIM for Self-service
      1. Allowing Users to Access the FIM Portal 00:04:02
      2. Configuring Self-service Password Reset 00:05:38
      3. Allowing Users to Manage Selected Attributes of Their Account 00:03:20
      4. Allowing Helpdesk to Manage Users Using the FIM Portal 00:04:44
    6. Chapter 6 : Customizing FIM
      1. Changing the FIM Portal Look and Feel 00:04:20
      2. Adding Custom Workflow Activities 00:03:53
      3. Using Classic Rules Extensions 00:04:51
      4. Using a PowerShell Management Agent to Manage Lync 00:04:07
    7. Chapter 7 : Reporting
      1. Installing FIM Reporting 00:03:10
      2. Running the Initial Data Load 00:02:25
      3. Viewing Reports 00:02:56
      4. Allowing Managers to Access Reports from FIM Portal 00:03:20
    8. Chapter 8 : Issuing Smart Cards Using FIM CM
      1. Installing FIM CM 00:03:35
      2. Configuring FIM CM 00:05:53
      3. Configuring CA for FIM CM Usage 00:03:03
      4. Allowing a Manager to Issue Certificates for Consultants 00:05:43