34 Part I Enterprise Integration Overview
Chapter Summary
If all this seems a little daunting, do not give up hope. Enterprise integration is
similar in many ways to normal distributed application development. The
design characteristics that make for a quality application also make for a quality
integration, only on a grander scale. When you create objects within an appli-
cation, they expose data and operations to other parts of the application
through an interface. In EI, the endpoints serve the same purpose. Both objects
and applications encapsulate, or hide, their implementation from you. You will
also find that many of the design patterns you are already familiar with remain
virtually unchanged in an EI solution.
This chapter cannot cover every single architectural option available to an
architect embarking on an EI project, but we hope it serves as a good introduc-
tion and saves you some time and effort in identifying key issues that appear in
most integration scenarios. Many of the topics introduced here are covered in
more detail in later chapters.

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