27 ISBM: a Data Integration Infrastructure for IoT Applications

Literature on the Internet of Things (IoT) has reported a large gap in platforms for people with little programming experience to easily for an easy way to develop IoT applications for IoT devices, sensor networks, and embedded systems. Research indicates that domain-specific languages (DSL) can contribute to tackle this challenge. This paper presents the programming infrastructure of IoT Service-Based Machine (ISBM), which aims to simplify the access and integration of data from different sources, e.g., sensor networks, regular web pages, and social media. ISBM incorporates a virtual machine capable of interpreting the ISBM code on different software platforms, including desktop, web and mobile applications. The visual editor of ISBM supports editing and connecting to IoT services, as well as associating different data sources and the editing of rules in visual form.

27.1. Introduction

One of the hallmarks of Internet of Things (IoT) applications is the use of data from many different sources [GIU 10] – from sensors to regular databases, from social networks to generic web pages – which will feed different information systems and support various business processes. Therefore, the integration of heterogeneous data is an important requirement for systems supporting IoT applications. However, as reported in the literature [MIN 16], there is a research gap in programming infrastructures and access to IoT services. ...

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