42 Model-driven Requirements Elicitation for Manufacturing System Development

For a long time, complexity has been mentioned as a real challenge in the development of manufacturing systems. Today, considering new technological trends contributing to the creation of Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS), the degree of complexity might even increase. Facing this challenge, enterprise modeling techniques can be applied to simplify the representation and analysis of the systems. This chapter highlights the usage of such techniques for the requirements elicitation phase. The contributions are illustrated through a case study which is a manufacturing system in the cutlery industry adopting a CPPSization strategy in the frame of a European research project. The modeling work was globally guided by Model-driven Service Engineering Architecture (MDSEA). With the support of this architecture and its devoted modeling tool, including modeling languages adapted to the business level, the requirements were identified and validated for the use-case.

42.1. Introduction

One of the current evolution axes for manufacturing systems is to become Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS), based on the prevailing information and communication technological trends towards the fourth industrial revolution (I4.0) [MON 14]. To develop manufacturing systems, and by extension CPPPS, management requires a proper understanding of the processes to rapidly and precisely define the requirements [ROW 97] ...

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