43 A Comprehensive Architecture to Integrate Modeling and Simulation Solutions in CPPS

Concepts such as CPPS (Cyber-Physical Production Systems), and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) have emerged to answer the requirements of a continuously changing manufacturing environment. Recent advances on smart sensors together with the consistent decrease of technology costs have contributed for the rapid development of industrially oriented IoT. In parallel, modeling and simulation technologies have proven to be an extremely useful analysis tool that can work with conjunction with IIoT data to contribute to better decisions at the business level. This chapter presents a comprehensive architecture to integrate such technologies in a CPPS solution for SMEs that complement physical production systems with data collection and feedback mechanisms.

43.1. Introduction

Industry 4.0 is recognized as the future of industrial production systems, in which concepts such as the Smart Factory are fundamental. Research and development in manufacturing tend to, traditionally, target the acceleration and mass-replication of more or less static production processes and controller software. However, the last decade has demonstrated that industry cannot proceed with such practice [MAR 17]. With the introduction of the Cyber-Physical System (CPS), all the factory resources will eventually become context aware and will be involved in cooperation and communication activities, monitoring the surrounding ...

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