PART 11 I-ESA 2018 Doctoral Symposium

Part 11 Summary: Current Research in Enterprise Interoperability

The goal of the Doctoral Symposium of i-ESA’2018 was to provide a forum for PhD students with topics in the context of enterprise interoperability. It was intended to deliver an opportunity to interactively discuss their findings, issues or ideas with experienced participants from the industry and research. This symposium aimed at exchanging knowledge to encourage new findings. Furthermore, the PhD students could get exclusive feedback from members of the research community and all participants to boost their own thesis. This chapter summarizes the content of the accepted and presented work and reports issues brought up during presentation and discussion at the symposium.

Providing the flexibility of the shop floor to information systems for monitoring tasks (Alexander Dennert)

This chapter addresses the flexibility of modern production systems and its influence on monitoring solutions for production information systems, relevant for managing the production process. To ease these managing tasks, the information shall be represented in the structure of the production process. The challenging aspect is that a change in the production process also requires a change in several or all information providing systems. This paper presents a flexible solution relying on business processes that describe the value adding processes of a company, in order to configure the information system ...

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