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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Book Description

This unique guide and professional reference presents a structured framework for practitioners and students of project, program, and portfolio management to enhance their strategic and analytic capabilities in the evolving discipline of project portfolio management (PPM). It provides a practical, step-by-step approach to building competencies in categorizing, evaluating, optimizing, prioritizing, and managing an IT, pharmaceutical, biotech or other complex R&D-oriented portfolio of investments.

Key Features
  • Contains a unique framework for building strategic and technical competencies in enterprise portfolio management, encompassing scenario analysis & strategic planning, project categorization, integrated evaluation, portfolio optimization, project prioritization and project and portfolio management
  • Outlines best practices for successfully implementing and practicing PPM in R&D and IT enterprises, including decision framing and data integrity, resource management, stakeholder management, project/program/portfolio management office, organizational barriers to success, and a seminal section on risk analysis and risk management
  • Supplies two comprehensive case studies that clearly demonstrate the application of quantitative and qualitative portfolio selection techniques in R&D and IT
  • Illustrates robust techniques such as integer linear programming, goal programming and multiple objective decision analysis and how they can be used to prioritize and optimize the value of a portfolio subject to budgetary and human resource constraints
  • Provides a multi-dimensional capability maturity model that will enable organizations to determine their maturity level across a broad spectrum of portfolio management competencies and how to utilize these techniques to guide optimal investment decisions across the enterprise
  • WAV offers (i) assorted tables and figures from chapter 11, (ii) a slide presentation describing the utility of CREOPM™, a unique portfolio management process and methodology, (iii) an Excel analytical set-up template for the Innovations R Us Corporation case in Chapter 7 with instructions for portfolio optimization, and (iv) an Excel analytical set-up template for the Drugs R Us case in Appendix A, with instructions for decision analysis using TreePlan — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com