Accounts Payable: Preliminary Controls Assessment Questionnaire

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF A PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE that can be presented to managers or process owners prior to conducting a review. It is intended to help understand existing business processes and understand management’s view of the internal control environment. The survey is a sample and may not be applicable to all businesses without modification and customization.


Questionnaire Instructions: This questionnaire has been prepared by the <Describe> department to assist us in helping you determine whether the controls you have established are operating effectively. Please respond to these questions as accurately as possible and feel free to insert comments and further explanations as you deem necessary.

Process Background Information

Manager responsible for process____________________
Number of full-time equivalents in accounts payable process________
Average number of invoices processed per month__________________
Average number of disbursements/checks per month_________________
Days payable outstanding__________________
Number of information system(s) used in processing accounts______________ payable
Is accounts payable system directly linked to the general ledger?________


How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the current process in achieving the following control objectives? Use a scale of 1 to 5, with ...

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