13Financial Issues: Real Estate Values and Selected Contracting Costs of Repairs, Assessment, or Mitigation Activities for Unconventional Oil and Gas Production Areas

13.1 Introduction

In this chapter financial issues associated with real estate are reviewed including the operational timing of unconventional oil and gas operations, mineral rights, the concept of split estate, and landowner production royalty estimates. Several studies related to property values and perceptions of unconventional oil and gas production and nearby real estate are presented. Selected consulting and contracting costs that might be considered in areas with unconventional oil and gas production are described.

Additional subjects are covered as follows: Possible environmental impacts, whether permanent or temporary, mitigated or not, and the length of the duration that impacts can possibly create nuisance, health issues, and concerns over real estate valuation near unconventional oil and gas drilling and operations.

Some of the Possible Impacts Related to Proximity to Unconventional Oil and Gas Drilling and Operations

  • Areas of Impact
    • Air quality.
    • Noise.
    • Hazardous materials and waste sites.
    • Energy.
    • Transportation, traffic, and access.
    • Socioeconomic issues:
      • Community services
      • Emergency services
      • Neighborhood cohesion
      • Job opportunities
      • Housing opportunities
      • Availability of public services
    • Environmental justice.
    • Economics.
    • Land use and planning.
    • Right‐of‐way.
    • Parks and recreation.
    • Historical and archeological ...

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