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Environmental Portraiture: Tell Your Subject’s Story and Create Dynamic Portraits with One Bag of Gear

Book Description

Although it may not always seem possible, you can create great people pictures using the gear that fits into one camera bag. The tricks are knowing how to use the equipment you have, learning how to put the environment around you to work, and taking the time to interact with your subjects so you can tell their story. In this ebook, Kathleen Lavine discusses the minimum equipment you need for an effective shoot and how to combine the elements of the environment, situation, or scene to capture great portraits. And she’ll show how to engage your subjects and work together so that you can make your people photos exceptional.

Follow along with Kathleen and you will:

  • Explore how to work with light—using the light that is available and adding to it to make better photographs

  • Create strong compositions in your images by using the architectural and natural elements that surround you and your subjects

  • Learn techniques to help tell your subject’s story, such as starting a conversation, using props, observing and capturing emotion, and asking them to perform an action