The Frank J. Fabozzi Series

Fixed Income Securities, Second Edition by Frank J. Fabozzi

Focus on Value: A Corporate and Investor Guide to Wealth Creation by James L. Grant and James A. Abate

Handbook of Global Fixed Income Calculations by Dragomir Krgin

Managing a Corporate Bond Portfolio by Leland E. Crabbe and Frank J. Fabozzi

Real Options and Option-Embedded Securities by William T. Moore

Capital Budgeting: Theory and Practice by Pamela P. Peterson and Frank J. Fabozzi

The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual by Gary L. Gastineau

Professional Perspectives on Fixed Income Portfolio Management, Volume 3 edited by Frank J. Fabozzi

Investing in Emerging Fixed Income Markets edited by Frank J. Fabozzi and Efstathia Pilarinu

Handbook of Alternative Assets by Mark J. P. Anson

The Global Money Markets by Frank J. Fabozzi, Steven V. Mann, and Moorad Choudhry

The Handbook of Financial Instruments edited by Frank J. Fabozzi

Collateralized Debt Obligations: Structures and Analysis by Laurie S. Goodman and Frank J. Fabozzi

Interest Rate, Term Structure, and Valuation Modeling edited by Frank J. Fabozzi

Investment Performance Measurement by Bruce J. Feibel

The Handbook of Equity Style Management edited by T. Daniel Coggin and Frank J. Fabozzi

Foundations of Economic Value Added, Second Edition by James L. Grant

Financial Management and Analysis, Second Edition by Frank J. Fabozzi and Pamela P. Peterson ...

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