ESP8266 code specifications

The requests for the ESP8266 code and you need to subscribe to topics:

/<TOPIC>/plug/command or <TOPIC>/plug/command

In this case you connect the ESP directly to

The required message to be received by the ESP8266 in order to trigger its GPIO 12 is:

{"device_name":"ESP_3A9108", "type":"plug", "state":1}  


  • Device_name: Is the device's name that we want to trigger.
  • Type: Is the type of device. In this case it is plug.
  • State: Is the desired state of the GPIO 12. In this case, we want to change the state to ON.
/<TOPIC> /status/update or <TOPIC>/status/update

In this case, there is direct connection to without a local broker. Receiving any message on this topic will trigger ESP8266 ...

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