The Eye
Now that everything is set up, we can get started modeling!
I like to use the strip modeling method for characters’ faces.
Just “trace” over my final render and you can follow the pro-
cess that I used to create her.
Please note that I am going to show you only the major
steps. I’ll leave it up to you to use what we have learned so far
to read between the lines. (I do have a full-time job and a wife
who likes to see me from time to time, or so I like to tell
Let’s start off by creating the eye and the area around it.
First create the bottom lid. Just follow the contour of her bot-
tom eyelid down to the very beginning of her cheekbone.
Remember to also make tweaks in the Side view to round out
the eyelid and keep it from being flat!
You need to give the corners of the eyes a full edge, not
just a single vertex. If you give the eyes a single vertex,
we’ll end up with a very pinchy corner that looks
unnatural. This is a common first-timer’s mistake.
300 Chapter 13
Figure 13-3: The bottom eyelid
Next we need to go around the top eyelid.
Now we need an extra edge loop to show where the eyelid
creases. Also, let’s go ahead and add another edge loop on the
border of the inside of the eye to give ourselves more eyelid
Advanced Organic Modeling Exercise: Creating a Human Head 301
Figure 13-4: The full loop of polygons around the eye
Figure 13-5: Rounding out the eyelid
Go ahead and add another row of polygons around the outer
edge of what we have done that go all the way up to the eye-
brow and out to the cheekbone.
Good stuff so far! Let’s continue by moving down to the
mouth. By moving around, we take other things into account.
For example, let’s say we have a number of edge loops in the
mouth that we need to account for up in the nose or cheeks.
By modeling them separately you’re not locking yourself into
something bad down the road. Basically, if you model each
piece of the face as you want it to look and then figure out how
to connect the edge loops together, you’re better off.
302 Chapter 13
Figure 13-6: Perspective view of the eye
Figure 13-7: Side view of the
eye area
Figure 13-8: The new ring of polygons

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