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Essential ASP for Web Professionals

Book Description

  • Get results from ASP with server-side JavaScript-today!

  • Learn from practical real-world examples with downloadable reusable code

  • Key techniques-quick, clear, and handy!

  • Build shopping carts, guest books, and other applications

  • Database integration, e-mail processing, and much more

  • This compact, example-rich guide teaches Web developers exactly what they need to know to build great dynamic sites and applications with Microsoft's ASP and JavaScript, the world's #1 Web scripting language. Endorsed by the World Organization of Webmasters, Essential ASP for Web Professionals offers no-nonsense, practical coverage built around real-world examples on a live sample Web site. Every chapter includes real-world overviews of key ASP and JavaScript features, reinforcing what you've learned and demonstrating how to adapt it quickly to your own applications. From the basics of embedding ASP code in HTML pages to full-blown database application development, this book delivers practical answers, usable code, and real solutions—fast!

    Use ASP and JavaScript to do all this, and more!

  • Deliver dynamic content on any Web or intranet site

  • Create database applications that publish content and enable users to edit it

  • Build shopping carts, guest books, and other applications

  • Send e-mail automatically from your Web pages

  • Embed dates and other variable data in your pages

  • Request and check user passwords

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