Figure 1-1 Rendering of SimplePage.aspx

Figure 1-2 Events in the page lifecycle

Figure 1-3 Binary deployment with aspnet_compiler.exe

Figure 1-4 Build | Publish Web Site tool in Visual Studio 2005

Figure 1-5 Creating multiple assemblies from the App_Code directory

Figure 1-6 Web Application Projects’ Solution Explorer window

Figure 2-1 Sample templated site

Figure 2-2 Master page concept

Figure 2-3 Page rendering with a master page

Figure 2-4 Designer support for master pages in Visual Studio 2005

Figure 2-5 Master page/content page merged hierarchy

Figure 2-6 Sample Web site directory structure

Figure 2-7 Theme concept

Figure 2-8 Applying skins

Figure 2-9 Theme application

Figure 2-10 Navigation control architecture

Figure 2-11 Control ...

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