A second layer is applied
with the less diluted
gouache, and therefore this
darker layer begins to give
volume to the fur on the
hood and to the body. To add
volume and depth in the fur,
small lines are applied in
different sizes and tones.
The last step is to add the
shading. To obtain darker
tones, orange is mixed with
red and beige with brown.
These colors are used for
the respective darker areas
of the parka, such as the
stitching and the details
of the fur.
Canadian Parka
098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat:098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat 29/3/11 11:08 Página 111
Loreto Binvignat
With a light pencil (HB
or less) the face and glasses
are drawn. Details like the
cheekbones, the lips, and
the motif on the glasses are
drawn. The areas with
highlights can be marked
with a very light 3H pencil
to provide a guide when
it comes to applying color.
An initial skin tone is applied
throughout the face with the
gouache fairly watered down.
Because the lenses of the
glasses are transparent, the
area they occupy should also
receive the same skin color,
except for the areas where
there are highlights.
098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat:098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat 29/3/11 11:08 Página 112
With a very diluted black
gouache, which will actually
be seen as gray, an initial
layer is painted to define
the shading and highlights.
The black part of the frames
is painted with a thicker,
and therefore darker, gouache
to differentiate them from
the lenses, and the fuchsia
and blue are both applied.
Definition is given to the
drawing by applying more
layers of each color and
perfecting the details. The
highlights and reflections in
the lenses are outlined with
white, and small white lines
are drawn on the frames.
For a better finish, the face
is outlined in pencil.
098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat:098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat 29/3/11 11:08 Página 113
Loreto Binvignat
The figure is drawn in detail
lightly, so that afterward
the pencil lines do not
cause any problems. It is
recommended that one begin
drawing with an F or HB
pencil so that if anything
needs to be erased it does
not leave marks on the
paper, and the final drawing
appears cleaner.
The first area to be painted
is the skin. With a thick
brush a well-watered beige
layer is applied, which
is only used to obtain the
base color. The lenses in
the glasses are also painted
in this color to create the
effect of transparency.
098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat:098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat 29/3/11 11:08 Página 114
Balloon Skirt Outfit
Fuchsia is then incorporated,
which will be used as the
base of the waistcoat and
the balloon skirt. With a large
brush, number 18 or 20,
a moderate layer is applied,
allowing the drawing
underneath to be seen and
the areas of shading and
light to be easily followed
The patterned shirt is then
roughly colored, without
including too many details.
First, the flowers are painted,
starting with the green stalks
and then the petals are
painted yellow. Once the
pattern has been painted,
the shirt is painted black.
098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat:098-117 CIF_04_Loreto Binvignat 29/3/11 11:09 Página 115

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