Essential Guide to Computer Data Storage: From Floppy to DVD, The

Book description

  • The complete decision-maker's guide to choosing—and using—the right data storage technologies

  • Personal and small business storage: hard drives, DVD, CD, Zip, Jaz, and more

  • Enterprise storage: SAN, NAS, Fibre Channel, RAID, and beyond

  • New Web-based storage alternatives

  • Start-to-finish backup and disaster recovery tips

  • Choosing reliable, cost-effective data storage solutions—and making the most of them!

    Whether you're an IT professional, enterprise manager, small business owner, or home PC user, you've got more data than ever—and choosing reliable, cost-effective storage has never been more important. Now, a leading data storage expert explains all your options, and shows you exactly how to make the most of them. Dr. Andrei Khurshudov reviews the capabilities, advantages, and underlying technologies associated with every current storage alternative, offering expert tips for buying, interfacing, scalability, recovery, and much more.

  • Data storage interfaces: UDMA, USB, IEEE 1394 "FireWire," SCSI, FC-AL, and Serial Storage Architecture

  • In-depth coverage of magnetic media: hard disks, tapes, and removables

  • Up-to-date comparisons of removable storage: Superdisk, HiFD, Zip, Jaz, Orb, external hard disk drives, and more

  • Tape alternatives: DAT, Travan, Mammoth, AIT, DLT, LTO, and beyond

  • Optical storage: CD-RW, CD-R, and today's competing DVD formats

  • Other storage solutions: Magneto-optical, Flash memory, and solid-state disk drives

  • Enterprise storage strategies: storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), RAID, and more

  • Storage for digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, Personal Video Recorders, and other next-generation devices

  • Storage on the Web: alternatives, limitations, and case studies

  • Preventing data loss-and what to do if the disaster has already happened

  • If you're planning for business growth and disaster recovery, or simply want the best storage "bang for the buck," The Essential Guide to Computer Data Storage delivers objective guidance—and realistic solutions.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Essential Guide Series
    3. Preface
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Introduction
      1. Brief History Of Information Storage Technology
      2. Basic Concepts
      3. Digital and Analog Signals
      4. Appendix
    6. Computer Interfaces
      1. Introduction
      2. Serial Interface
      3. Parallel Interface
      5. PC Card Interface (Former PCMCIA)
      6. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
      7. IEEE 1394 FireWire
      8. Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI)
      9. Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)
      10. SSA (Serial Storage Architecture)
      11. Interface Summary
    7. Magnetic Recording Storage Systems
      1. Introduction
      2. Basic Principles of Magnetic Recording
      3. Hard Disk Drive
      4. Removable Magnetic Storage
      5. Magnetic Storage on Tape
    8. Optical Storage
      1. Introduction
      2. Compact Disc (CD)
      3. DVD
    9. Magneto-Optical Storage Systems
      1. Introduction
      2. Basics of MO Recording
      3. Basics of MO Reading
      4. MO System: Basic Design
      5. Direct Overwrite (DOW)
      6. Magnetically Induced Super Resolution (MSR)
      7. Understanding MO Drive Specifications
    10. Nonvolatile Solid-State Memory
      1. Introduction
      2. Basics of Semiconductor Memory Technology
      3. Computer Random Access Memory (RAM)
      4. Flash Memory
      5. Flash Memory Card Formats
      6. Solid-State Hard Disk Drives
      7. Summary
    11. New Applications of Storage Devices
      1. MP3 Players
      2. Digital Cameras
      3. Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
      4. Personal Video Recorder
    12. Storage on the Web
      1. Introduction
      2. Internet Speed and Connections
      3. Data Storage on the Web: Case Studies
    13. SAN, NAS, and RAID Fundamentals
      1. Storage Networking
      2. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent [or Inexpensive] Drives)
    14. Data Loss and Recovery
      1. Introduction: Why It Happens
      2. How To Prevent Data Loss
      3. Software for Data Protection and Recovery
      4. What To Do If the Disaster Already Happened
      5. Data Recovery Services
    15. How to Choose or Upgrade Your DVD, HDD, or CD-ROM
      1. Interface
      2. Hard Disk Drive
      3. Removable Magnetic Storage
      4. CD, CD-R, AND CD-RW
      5. DVD
      6. Magnetic Tape Drive
      7. Web Storage Alternatives
    16. Glossary
    17. References

    Product information

    • Title: Essential Guide to Computer Data Storage: From Floppy to DVD, The
    • Author(s): Andrei Khurshudov
    • Release date: June 2001
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 0130927392