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Essentials of Adobe RoboHelp 8 HTML: “Skills and Drills” Learning

Book Description

RoboHelp is the industry standard for Help authoring. It's the preferred program if you are a Help author, technical writer, or programmer tasked with creating Help systems for desktop or Web-based applications.

RoboHelp 8 HTML has the letters HTML in its name; therefore, many people think that RoboHelp is a Web Page development tool (much like Adobe Dreamweaver) it is not. Although you could create terrific Web sites using RoboHelp, its primary mission is to let you quickly, and easily, create Help systems.

By the time you have completed this action-packed book (many people can finish in two or three days), you will have mastered the essentials skills that will allow you to create a RoboHelp Help system in several output (including WebHelp, FlashHelp, HTML Help and Adobe Air). You will learn how to create master pages, cascading styles sheets, dynamic HTML effects, forms, frames and more.