Production and Operations Management

Learning Objectives

image Identify and describe the four main categories of production processes.

image Identify and describe the three major production methods.

image Describe the strategic decisions made by production and operations managers.

image Identify the steps in the production control process.

image Discuss the importance of quality control.

Intel's “Fab” New Manufacturing Facility

What's it like inside one of Intel's secure microprocessor chip fabricating facilities? If you're lucky enough to visit a “fab” plant—and few people are—you'll enter dressed in a white jumpsuit, double-layered gloves, and special shoes, hairnet, and goggles. All that gear is to protect the chips, by the way, not you.

Intel supplies chips for about 80 percent of all laptops, its core market, but with the rapid growth of smart phones and tablets, which require different, smaller microprocessors, ...

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