Alexander and Barbara Wilson met in their teens almost 60 years ago at a campground in Minnesota. They quickly became sweethearts, not to mention inseparable. When it came time for college, Barbara chose NYU to realize her dream of living in New York; Alexander chose Columbia to be near her. After completing school they married, stayed in New York, secured employment, raised their four children, and retired.

The Wilsons were extremely successful in their fields, both earning high salaries. Thanks to a very modest lifestyle and investing wisely, they were able to amass $8 million in personal savings. Thinking that New York had changed too much for them over the years, Alexander and Barbara began to talk about moving back to Minnesota. They quickly discovered that the old campground where they met was up for sale. The property is beautiful—20 acres on a lake surrounded by cedar and pine trees—too beautiful for them to pass up. That was 15 years ago. Since then, Alexander and Barbara have fixed up one of the old camp buildings, turning it into a lovely home. They expanded it from 600 square feet to 1,200 and updated it with all the modern amenities one could want.

Unfortunately, Barbara’s health has now failed. The Wilsons have decided to provide for her care at their home on the lake, but ...

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