Appendix 4

Bode Diagram

It is assumed that the transfer function in the s-domain for the solution of a linear differential equation can be written as follows:

G(s)=Ksn·S1·S2Sk·Q1·Q2QlSk+1.Sk+2Ql+1·Ql+1 (A4.1)

image (A4.1)

for some n, l, k≥0, where Si and Qj are linear and quadratic expressions in s:

Si=s·τi+1 (A4.2)

image (A4.2)

Qj=(sωj)2+2·ζj·sωj+1 (A4.3)

image (A4.3)

The parameters τi, ωj, and ζj are all assumed positive. The functions (A4.2) and (A4.3) determine ...

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