The Great Rabbit War of 863AD: Myth or Historical Fact?

Dr. Garbeesha Plimps1, Hortense Saxifrage2, and Retired Col. Wippo Truslebeam3

1 Department of Archaeology Cranberry-Lemon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2 Battle Field Archaeology, Rothenburg, Germany

3 Medieval weaponry expert from Past Weapons of Combat – failed History Channel pilot episode replaced by more Pawn Stars episodes


Direct evidence of the Cano-Lagomorphic Wars (colloquially known as the “Great Rabbit Wars”) of 863-867AD has long eluded European archaeologists. With a treasure trove of literary evidence and a strong oral record from many southern German towns, it is a mystery that there has been little found in the archaeological records. While some have claimed ...

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