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ETF Investment Strategies: Best Practices from Leading Experts on Constructing a Winning ETF Portfolio

Book Description

Top ETF investors reveal how to best leverage today’s hottest investment vehicle for both long- and short-term profits

Aniket Ullal reveals the secrets of profiting from Exchange-Traded Funds. In the tradition of Market Wizards, Ullal interviews top ETF investors to find out their ETF investing strategies and how they construct their portfolios. The book explains the basics of ETFs, how they work, why they're growing in popularity, and how you can get your share of the profits.

Aniket Ullal is the founder of First Bridge Data, a provider of institutional quality data and analytics on ETFs, whose clients include financial advisors and hedge funds.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. ETF INVESTMENT STRATEGIES: Best Practices from Leading Experts on Constructing a Winning ETF Portfolio
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1. The Emerging Mindset: Tradable Beta
  9. 2. The Emerging Tools: The Targetization of Investing
  10. 3. The Emerging Industry Model: Fee-Based Advice
  11. 4. Future Gazing: The ETF Landscape in 2025
  12. 5. Megatrends: Practical Implications for Investors
  13. 6. Key Features of an ETF
  14. 7. Differences Between an ETF and ETN
  15. 8. Case Study: Kal Salama, CIO, The Headlands Group
  16. 9. Fundamentally Weighted ETFs
  17. 10. Case Study: David Hultstrom, Founder and CIO, Financial Architects LLC
  18. 11. Growth and Value Investing with ETFs
  19. 12. Case Study: John O’Connor, President and CIO, 3D Asset Management
  20. 13. Case Study: King Lip, CIO, Baker Avenue
  21. 14. Sector- and Industry-Based ETF Investing
  22. 15. Case Study: Kim Arthur, CEO, Main Management
  23. 16. Active ETFs Versus Active Investing Using Index-Linked ETFs
  24. 17. Case Study: John Lunt, President and CIO, Lunt Capital Management, Inc.
  25. 18. Case Study: Rich Bernstein, CEO, Richard Bernstein Advisors
  26. 19. Low-Volatility and High-Beta ETFs
  27. 20. VIX Futures-Based ETPs
  28. 21. Case Study: Christian Wagner, CEO, Longview Capital
  29. 22. Alternative and Commodity ETPs
  30. 23. Case Study: Vern Sumnicht, CEO, iSectors
  31. 24. Leveraged and Inverse ETFs
  32. 25. Best Practices from Case Studies
  33. 26. Summary of ETF Product Insights
  34. 27. ETF Tax Strategies: Robert Gordon, CEO, Twenty-First Securities
  35. Appendix A. Industry Classification Systems
  36. Appendix B. Traditional ETF Classification Dimensions
  37. Appendix C. Comparison of Style (Growth/Value) Index Methodologies
  38. Appendix D. Table Comparing ETFS with Traditional Mutual Funds
  39. References
  40. Important Disclaimer
  41. Index