Chapter 15. Twisted-Pair Cables and Connectors

The cables and components used to build a Category 5 twisted-pair horizontal cable segment are based on the TIA/EIA 568-A structured cabling specifications, which are designed to support all three twisted-pair Ethernet media systems. The TIA/EIA specifications are described in Chapter 14.

In this chapter, we’ll show how a Category 5 cable segment is wired and describe the components that are typically used. This can be useful even if you don’t build your own horizontal cable segment. Knowing the components and wiring standards used in a cable segment can help you make sure that your cabling system is assembled properly. Being able to find your way around a cabling system is also a major benefit when it comes to troubleshooting network problems.

Following the section on a Category 5 cable segment, you’ll learn how to install an RJ-45 connector on a twisted-pair patch cable. The chapter concludes with special twisted-pair cabling considerations for the three twisted-pair Ethernet media systems, including the signal crossover wiring required by each system.

Category 5 Horizontal Cable Segment

A horizontal cable segment is one that travels from a wiring closet to a work area, connecting an Ethernet hub with a station. This is the most widely used cable segment type in a structured cabling system. Building a Category 5 twisted-pair segment involves the following set of components and specifications:

  • Category 5 twisted-pair cable.

  • Eight-position ...

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