5Perspectives on Ethnic Loyalty

Dating back at least to the 1960s, the discussion of the differences of allegiance involving immigrants and the mainstream populations within a country highlighted a sentiment whereby ethnicity (tribalism) was seen as undermining the prime objective of nationalist movements (Wallerstein, 1960). The examination of loyalty in the ethnic marketing context, here after “ethnic loyalty”, has received lesser but still significant attention to date (e.g. Padilla, 1980; de Snyder, 1987; Podoshen, 2006, 2008; Rosenbaum and Montoya, 2007), competing poorly with theories examining acculturation to the mainstream (e.g. Graves, 1967; Ogden, Ogden and Schau, 2004; Cleveland and Laroche, 2007; Cleveland et al., 2009; Luedicke, ...

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