What Is the Schedule of Activities?

The exact sequence of activities in an evaluation depends on your goals and perspective. The list in table 11-1 shows the phases and tasks for one evaluation effort. Though typical, this plan may differ considerably from the one needed for your project.

Table 11-1. Typical phases and tasks for an evaluation plan.
Develop plan
  • Set evaluation goals

  • Plan data collection

  • Plan analysis

  • Set budget

  • Write up plan

  • Have plan approved

Prepare for training
  • Recruit learners

  • Gather preclass data

  • Prepare facilitator

Conduct the training
Gather postclass data
  • Gather end-of-class data

  • Gather job performance data

Analyze data
  • Convert to numeric measures

  • Compute statistics

Report results
  • Prepare tables and graphs

  • Draft report

  • Have report reviewed ...

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