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EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide

Book Description

Cheating won’t get you far in EVE Online, but expert knowledge will. Written by a fanatical gamer, this unofficial guide can make you an ISK billionaire using a range of awesome strategies, from mining to fighting pirates.

  • Immerse yourself in the EVE Universe and amass untold wealth
  • Get a jump start in the EVE economy and be immediately competitive in any ISK making career
  • Filled with screenshots and tables that walk you step-by-step through your career from start to finish.

In Detail

New Eden, a universe of beauty, destruction and unlimited potential. Take on the role of a capsuleer and forge a story and empire that spans vast regions of space that is uniquely your own. But in order to forge your story and empire, it takes ISK and lots of it.

The ISK Making Guide to EVE Online teaches you the inner workings of each ISK making career choice. Learn the tricks of the pros and avoid the hidden pitfalls that await you at every turn. Learn from the experience of a seasoned EVE veteran.

Starting with the more easily accessible career choices and moving on to the careers only available to the experienced capsuleers, this book takes you step-by-step as your story unfolds. Help determine the path of EVE by taking on careers like Mining and Manufacturing, the backbone of New Eden or help your empire rise above the rest by Running Missions for the corporations of your empire. The ISK Making Guide to EVE Online gives you a jump start and walks you through every ISK making career choice.

Table of Contents

  1. EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide
    1. Table of Contents
    2. EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide
    3. Credits
    4. About the Author
    5. About the Reviewer
    6. www.PacktPub.com
      1. Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more
      2. Why Subscribe?
      3. Free Access for Packt account holders
    7. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. What you need for this book
      3. Who this book is for
      4. Conventions
      5. Reader feedback
      6. Customer support
        1. Errata
        2. Piracy
        3. Questions
    8. 1. I Want to Play EVE for Free!
      1. What is ISK?
        1. I'm the richest capsuleer in EVE; now what?
        2. How to play EVE for free!
      2. Creating your persona
        1. Choosing one of the four
          1. The Amarr Empire
          2. The Caldari State
          3. The Gallente Federation
          4. The Minmatar Republic
        2. Planning your character
          1. The portrait studio
          2. Choosing your ancestry and education
      3. The first days
        1. What skills to focus on
        2. The certification planner
        3. Neural remapping
      4. Summary
    9. 2. When I Grow Up I Want to be a (Wealthy) Miner
      1. Why mining?
      2. Getting started
        1. What to mine
          1. A word about system security status
          2. Ore types
          3. Where should you mine?
          4. Scouting your new home
        2. Basic skills of a miner
        3. Your first mining ship
        4. How to equip your first ship
        5. Mining techniques
          1. Cargohold mining
          2. Jetcan mining
        6. The Industrial ships
        7. Selling your stock
        8. Your next mining ship
          1. The Arbitrator
          2. The Osprey
          3. The Vexor
          4. The Scythe
      3. Taking mining to the next level
        1. Here comes the math
          1. Cycles and mining yield
        2. Picking your next ship
          1. The Procurer
          2. The Retriever
          3. The Covetor
        3. Advanced skills of a miner
        4. Calculating your refine yield
      4. The ultimate miner
        1. Tech II strip miners and mining crystals
        2. The Skiff
        3. The Mackinaw
        4. The Hulk
        5. Perfecting your skills
        6. Mining Ice and Mercoxit
      5. Summary
    10. 3. Mission Running
      1. Why mission running?
      2. Mission types
        1. Courier missions
        2. Kill missions
          1. Agents and how they work
          2. Understanding your foe
          3. What ship to use to maximize earnings
          4. How should I fit my ship?
          5. Basic tactics
        3. Mining missions
        4. Trade missions
        5. Special mission types
          1. Storyline missions
          2. Epic Arc missions
          3. Cosmos missions
            1. Faction ship agents
            2. Data Center agents
      3. Picking an agent
        1. Agent level
        2. Agent faction
        3. Corporation and agent type
          1. Factional Warfare agents
          2. R&D agents
          3. Storyline agents
        4. Region, Solar System, and Security Status
        5. Standings
          1. Agent standing
          2. Corporation standing
          3. Faction standing
        6. Skills for mission running
      4. Rewards for mission running
        1. Time bonus and bounties
        2. Loyalty points
        3. Loot and salvage
      5. Summary
    11. 4. Making ISK with Manufacturing
      1. Why manufacturing?
      2. Getting started
        1. Common mistakes when starting out
          1. Buy your minerals
          2. Study before you build
        2. What to build when starting out
        3. Skills for manufacturing
          1. The industry skills
          2. The trade skills
      3. BPOs, BPCs, research, and invention
        1. Researching blueprints
          1. Material efficiency research
          2. Production efficiency research
          3. Skills for research
        2. Copying blueprints
        3. Invention
          1. Skills for invention
          2. Datacores
          3. Data interfaces
          4. Improving your invention results
      4. Expanding your manufacturing empire
      5. Planetary Interaction
        1. Skills for PI
        2. What to produce with PI
        3. Command Centers and planet types
      6. Summary
    12. 5. Getting Rich Fighting Incursions
      1. What are Incursions?
      2. Why fight Incursions?
        1. Incursion attack sites
        2. How to find Incursion sites
        3. What ships to use
      3. Reward for fighting Incursions
      4. Summary
    13. 6. Playing the Market
      1. Why trading?
        1. It takes ISK to make ISK
      2. Tools of the trade
        1. A trader's skills
        2. Ships of a trader
          1. Frigates and cruisers
          2. Industrial ships
          3. Freighters
          4. Transport ships
            1. Blockade Runners
            2. Deep Space Transports
        3. The Market
        4. The contracts system
          1. Buy, sell, and auction contracts
          2. Courier contracts
      3. Types of trading
        1. Inter-regional trading
        2. Intra-regional trading
        3. Other trading methods
      4. Secrets of trading
        1. Time equals ISK
        2. Smaller is better
        3. Be multi-regional
        4. Don't be a one-way trader
        5. Think outside the box
      5. Summary
    14. 7. I Can Has Friends
      1. Why join a player corporation?
        1. What to look for
        2. How to find a corp
      2. Career benefits of a corporation
        1. Mining
          1. Mining foreman links
          2. The Orca
          3. Mining capital, the Rorqual
        2. Manufacturing
        3. Mission Running and Incursions
      3. Summary
    15. 8. The Geek Stuff
      1. Ships
        1. Industrial ships
        2. Freighters
      2. Skills
        1. Mining skills
        2. Mission running skills
        3. Manufacturing skills
          1. Industry skills
          2. Trade skills
          3. Research skills
          4. Planetary interaction skills
        4. Contracting skills
      3. Mining lasers
        1. Standard lasers
        2. Deep Core Mercoxit lasers
        3. Strip miners
        4. Ice miners
        5. Gas cloud harvesters
      4. Ore types and mineral yields
        1. Ore types
        2. Ore variants
        3. Refining mineral yield
      5. NPC damage types
      6. Mission agents locations
        1. Epic arc mission agents
        2. Faction ship agents
        3. Data center agents
      7. Invention
        1. Data interfaces
        2. Decryptors
      8. Planetary Command Center upgrade levels
      9. Web resources
      10. Summary
    16. Index