Chapter 1

What Evernote Can Do for You

In This Chapter

arrow Using Evernote no matter where you are

arrow Saving all types of data

arrow Keeping track of your notes

Evernote combines four ingredients that help make it a success:

check.png It’s useful for your job and your personal life.

check.png It integrates with mobile devices.

check.png It’s accessible anywhere you have Internet access.

check.png It’s easy to use.

That’s a powerful combination.

Another reason for Evernote’s success is that it recognizes a fundamental aspect of the human condition. You are one person. You have a life. Part of life, for many people, is devoted to work, and part is devoted to personal, leisure, and not-so-fun stuff like (ugh!) taxes and bills. Evernote becomes part of your life. All of it.

Evernote is about you and your information and interests.

Using Evernote ...

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