Chapter 11

Exporting, Importing, and Encrypting Notes

In This Chapter

arrow Importing and exporting notes

arrow Encrypting notes

Evernote has several useful, but perhaps less popular and underutilized features, that actually make the experience more well-rounded, safer, and enjoyable. Importing and exporting notes can be extremely helpful for storing information as an archive. Encrypting notes ensures that your private information is secured.

Exporting Notes

Evernote’s three Laws of Data Protection are

check.png Your data is yours.

check.png Your data is protected.

check.png Your data is portable.

There is no data lock in Evernote. Evernote is committed to making it easy for you to get all your data into and out at any time. Evernote desktop software lets you export all your notes and content in human-readable HTML as well as in fully documented machine-readable XML format.

technicalstuff.eps Evernote also offers you a full, free API that lets ...

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