Chapter 12

Moving from Other Products and Interfacing with Your World

In This Chapter

arrow Figuring out the basics of interacting with Twitter

arrow Discovering your Evernote e-mail address and adding it to contacts

arrow Working with RSS feeds and Google Reader

arrow Using Evernote to blog

Evernote works with many applications, not just many devices and platforms. Trying to figure out the many ways of interfacing with Evernote can be overwhelming. In this chapter, I focus on what you need to do to set up other applications you use to interface with Evernote.

Interfacing with Twitter

Twitter and Evernote are very much in sync with each other. You can share from Twitter to Evernote or from Evernote to Twitter. You can even capture notes from tweets written by people you’re following on Twitter.

Before you can have Evernote and Twitter interact, you need to set up accounts in each service. I’m assuming that you’ve already set up an Evernote account (see Chapter 2) and that you have a Twitter account.

myEN lets you save tweets into your Evernote account. Setup instructions are available at ...

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