Part VII

The Part of Tens


In this part . . .

In every book in the For Dummies series, the Part of Tens provides concrete suggestions for enjoying the subject matter. There are so many fun things to do with Evernote, The Part of Tens could have taken up the whole book, but I managed to limit it to three chapters. Here, I share fun ideas for using Evernote at home, at school, and in business.

Chapter 22 provides a few of the many ways you can use Evernote at home — for tracking personal finances, managing the inventory of household supplies, and (the really fun part) using Evernote for planning a vacation.

Chapter 23 gives you ideas for using Evernote to track classes and school projects and suggests ways you can use Evernote to have a more paperless existence.

Chapter 24 is a turbocharger for business, with ten creative ways to use Evernote for businesses large and small.

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